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    for your WELL-BEING!

    Treat your lymphatic system as your guardian angel, because is the one that alerts
    you when an invader has attacked your body. When treated the lymphs, results are:
    boost immune system, reduces swelling, helps your body heal quicker after surgery.

    Post Surgical Massage
    Lymphatic Drainage
    MPS Scar & Pain Therapy
    Maryuri Velazquez,LMT
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

    Incorporating lymphatic drainage therapy
    will be a way to prevent extended period of dis-ease,
    reduce inflammation, pain, edema,
    reduce constipation...
    spinal scar therapy

    MPS Scar Release & Pain Therapy

  • We are the best for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy!
    Lymphatic drainage massage
    Post Surgical Massage
    Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
    MPS Scar & Pain Therapy

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Post Surgical Massage

After the procedure you may notice a hardness or lumpiness to the areas treated with liposuction or Smart-lipo,  Read more
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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic Enhancement technology works like drainage techniques that are made up of slow, subtle, gently sweeping movements, read more
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MPS Scar Release Therapy

Imagine erasing the scars an injury or a surgery left behind with the principles of Acupuncture and your nervous system   read more 
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Lymphatic Massage Florida at Margie's Wellness Center!

Lymphatic massage client
Maritza C says: Margie is an excellent professional, knowledgeable and very confident. Once you enter her place you feel peace and comfort. The music, the aromas, the total ambience is so relaxing, that when the time is up, you don't want to leave and can't wait for the next appointment :) Two thumbs up!
photographer client

Green Eye Photography

Lucy E says: I can't remember the last time I had a massage, but I have never had one like this. Margie is an exceptional Massus artist. I also had the lymphatic drainage massage and it was awesome I feel better. Her knowledge is beyond words. Thank you Margie I will definitely be back and as always recommend your business.
After Lipo Surgery

Stephanie S says: After my surgery I was swollen and in alot of pain, my main concern were my arms since I was so limited to lift my arms, after my 1st session I was able the lift them (not all the way up) but more than I could before and some pain went away!, Im so happy I found her, totally looking forward to complete my 12 sessions and experience my healing process with her dedicated work!

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