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Deep Tissue massage / Sportsmassage

       Deep Tissue Massage

How to Stop your neck pain and headaches fast!

If you're tired of suffering from neck pain and headaches on a regular basis, then I have some good news for you. A number of recent studies have shown that massage therapy is extremely effective at stopping neck pain, and headaches fast. Our massage therapist in Davie, Florida uses various modalities along with deep tissue to eliminate the cause for the discomfort on the upper torso of your body.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a specific type of body therapy. It's aim is to release muscle spasms caused through exercise or stress, which in turn can help prevent injury, break down scar tissue, help eliminate the build up of lactic acid and aid in the recovery of an injury or after exercise. Sports Massage is another name for this same treatment which helps prepare the athlete before and after the event. By treating the athlete before, helps muscle warm up and avoid injuries. After the event the deep massage helps to release toxins and muscles return to a relaxed state.

A deep tissue massage is a massage technique which focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, and which aims particularly at releasing the chronic patterns of tension in the body through the use of slow strokes and deep finger pressure on specific areas of the body. A deep tissue massage is the type of massage that is typically used to release that of chronic muscle tension, and deep tissue massage also helps to break up and eliminate any existing scar tissue.

It's important to check with the client, if the pressure is applied too hard too quickly, the muscles may actually tighten in order to protect that area, and not only will this not feel pleasurable but it can also cause serious injury. This type of massage is also the one which is most often used for that of sports related and other injuries, as the depth of the actual massage can be used to relieve pain and strains from deep in the muscle tissue.

Deep tissue is a unique massage that works on the physical, emotional and often spiritual levels. Designed to release pain from muscular tension and stress, relieve held-in tension and restore comfort and harmony to the whole being.

There are two major ways of conducting a deep muscle massage - it can be performed either crossing or following the muscles, fascia and tendons fiber lines. Deep tissue massage in general is equally efficient for releasing the chronic tension in the muscles in the case of slow strokes application and in the case of direct pressure and friction.

But still, the normal soreness taken into the consideration, the patient should recover from it completely after a couple of days. If it happens, there should be no doubt about the high quality of the deep tissue massage. There is no denying the fact that deep tissue massage is highly beneficial to the overall state of health. Deep muscle massage as an important variety of deep muscle massage eases the muscle tension thus making a genuine contribution to enhancing the blood circulation.

It is common truth that stressed muscles lead to the blockage of the flow of nutrients and oxygen. Such blockages in their turn lead to the inflammation and toxin synthesis in the muscles. Deep tissue massage comes to the rescue. By loosening the muscles it releases the accumulated toxins and promotes proper blood, oxygen and nutrients circulation. In order to make the salubrious deep tissue massage effect the best possible, it is crucial that the patient take into the consideration basic deep tissue massage requirements. It is important that the client drinks plenty of water after the treatment to reap the benefits and flush out the toxins removed to avoid any additional soreness.

The growing traffic in South Florida is a factor for most drivers tensing up the muscles located on their neck running down to the shoulders and low back, unconsciously we are clutching the steering wheel. The majority of the clients we see weekly complain of head, neck, shoulder and low back discomfort and this condition we treat it with deep tissue massage.

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