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Your face and your hair is the first thing most people see when met in the street.  When looking through a microscope, you will notice that the skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your body, with the exception of the chest, and that deserves more attention.

When treating the skin with irritating products like retinoids and hydroxy acids, you may need a lower concentration on the body than you do on the face, she says. [source: Dr. Hooper] A standard gentle cleanser will keep skin on the body in good shape, whereas you may want more power with the more visible skin on your face.

It is advisable that cleansing is limited to once a day, preferably before you're going to bed. When cleaning  your face too often it can lead to over drying out your skin and cause it to produce more oil to compensate

As for moisturizing the skin, it is recommended that for the face a light cream is the best option.  A light or no perfume is highly recommended with bases such as olive oil, argan oil or Vaseline.

We embrace technology into our facials by using machines like facial cavitation, high frequency, to give you enhanced skin results.

It’s important to keep in mind that what you do daily to take care of your skin is more important than what you do occasionally, but the combination of a great facial and a great skincare routine can have impressive results.

We are proud to introduce our organic, botanical skincare products for our signature facial treatment, I LOVE MY FACE by Qet botanicals. With this holistic treatment we will provide cleansing, exfolliation, extraction, ph balancing toner, cellular nourishment serum, moisturizer salve, ending with an organic sunproof protection during the day. Allow us to pamper, treat, and bring out the inner beauty of your face, with products from nature,that your skin will use to give you the luster, vibrancy, tonicity your skin so much desires.

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