Quench your skin's thirst without Toxins!

The daily exposure to toxic air, changing weather conditions, chemical induced skin products, physioligical changes can create a visible effect on our skin, and much more that of our face.

We are so happy to be able to provide a hydrating skin care regimen created to hydrate skin that is dealing with one or more of these conditions: oily and dry areas / normal with occasional activity or blemishes / normal to dry in need of adequate hydration without irritation.

Qet botanicals, has produced the Hydrating Skin Suite to address changing skin conditions due to the elements, hormones, or the regular ups and downs of skin with light activity.

The composition of each of the products in this suite offers optimal hydration and protection for the daily protection the skin requires but doesn't want to feel smothered under heavy products that can clog pores and increase activity and sensitivity. The use of lavender, rose, and oils in this treatment provides a boost of vitamins and omegas to help fight premature aging and retain skin's firmness and health.

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