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What is  Lymph Drainage Treatment?

What health issues would benefit from MLD?

Post- Mastectomy
Stress Reduction
Post Surgical Surgery
Migraine Headaches
Pre/post cosmetic surgery
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post-vein stripping
Tension Headaches
Post-hysterectomy edema
Post Breast Explant
Muscular- Skeletal
Neck pain/Whiplash/Chronic pain
Dermatological Conditions
Rheumatoid arthritis
Ear, Nose and Throat
Other conditions
Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
Toxic Poisoning

What is Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?

Lymphatic Drainage massage was developed in Europe in the 1930’s by Dr. Emil and Estrid Vodder, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a safe, effective, and gentle approach to cleansing the body’s tissues that produces a detoxifying effect.

At Margie's Wellness Center, we have combined parts of the actual hands on lymphatic massage with Lymphatic Enhancement Technology. Just as the name states, enhance and by doing this it accelerates the function and results of the lymphatic drainage therapy through the lymph system.

Although the primary result of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is to reduce swelling, it can certainly benefit a healthy person as well. Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been successfully applied to more than 60 different conditions to treat swelling, pain, and other related concerns.

Scientific studies, as well as vast clinical experience, have supported the effectiveness of MLD. The therapeutic benefits of MLD, evidenced by more than 30 years of research, are well documented.

The lymphatic circulation — the "other circulatory system" — plays an important role in maintaining equilibrium. It is intimately connected with every other organ system. It's a key factor in maintaining fluid balance, and serves as a major pathway for eliminating toxins. At the same time, because it is a primary reservoir of white blood cells, it is an essential part of the immune system.

LET is an FDA-registered class 1 device that delivers non-thermal, low-frequency electrostatic energy via glass wands that the operator uses to massage anatomic areas dense with lymphatic tissue.

"The electrostatic currents generated by the heads of this device stimulate the autonomic nerves that regulate constriction and expansion of the vasculature, explains Dr. Croley, on ArcStar's website."

MLD is widely prescribed by physicians in Europe. Some physicians in the United States and Canada also recognize the benefits of MLD for their patients.

Does Manual Lymphatic Drainage help get rid of bruising?

Yes. That is one of the best applications of MLD. Bruises are an accumulation of waste products and old blood cells in the tissue. Lymph Drainage massage greatly reduces healing time for bruises by cleansing the intercellular spaces where these substances are trapped with the adjuct use of the LET device.

What are the causes for swelling?

The swelling of on the body is called lymphedema — most often an extremity (arm or leg) — resulting from an accumulation of fluids in such proportions to be palpable (one can feel it) and visible.

The reason for lymphedema is when the lymphatic system is not able to perform its function of resorption and transporting the protein and lymph load. Lymphedema can also be produced whenever lymphatic vessels are absent, underdeveloped, obstructed, or damaged.

Fungal infections may also be very frequent, and these then place a greater load on the lymphatic system. Severe cases are associated with thickening of the skin, hardening of the limb (fibrosis), leakage of lymph, and massive swelling (elephantiasis).

Who is at risk for swelling?

At risk is anyone who has had a simple mastectomy, lumpectomy, or modified radical mastectomy… in combination with axillary node dissection and (often) radiation therapy. Liposuction, tummy tuck or presence of toxins that does not allow the body to normally flush out unnecessary fluids.

Lymphedema can occur immediately post-operative… within a few months, a couple of years, or even 20 years or more after cancer therapy. With proper education and care, lymphedema can be avoided or — if it develops — kept under control.

Should I get Lymphatic Drainage before or after cosmetic surgery?

A big mistake often made with cosmetic surgery procedures is failure to plan enough recovery time. It is important to spend time investigating the best methods to enhance recovery so that one may return to normal activities as soon as possible and enjoy the best possible results. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) can be applied both pre-operatively to prepare the tissue and post-operatively to relieve discomfort and remove cellular debris resulting from the trauma of the procedure. Patients may experience discomfort, swelling and bruising after surgery and have few options to handle these uncomfortable symptoms. Lymph vessels are traumatized and the flow of lymph is interrupted by surgery contributing to reduced healing, fibrosis (scar tissue), dimpled, uneven skin and the possibility of developing seromas (pockets of serous fluid). Decongestion of the lymphatic system overloaded by the insult of surgery can assist the return to normal texture, definition and tone of the skin. If multiple procedures are performed simutaneously (for instance a liposuction, breast implants or Brazillian Butt Lift), getting treated with Lymphatic Drainage can reduce discomfort of swelling and speed the dissipation of the discoloration of bruising. For many, the best feature of MLD is that it is gentle, painless and relaxing making the post-operative recovery period as pleasant as possible.

Can Lymphatic Drainage spread cancer?

Cancer may spread (metastasize) into the lymphatic system via the lymph nodes, or it may start in the lymphatic system itself. However, the circulation of lymph – from massage or other movement – does not cause cancer to spread. Researchers have shown that cancer develops and spreads because of changes to a cell’s DNA (genetic mutations) and other processes in the body.

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" I have been receiving excellent massages as well as great advice from Margie concerning diet and cleaner eating. The lymphatic drainage massage helped eliminate areas on my body that were swollen - I prefer this method over medications anyday!! I had never heard of this procedure before Margie and I am so glad she does this for me. I will certainly continue to have Margie give me massages and I highly recommend her to everyone!!! Thanks for everything Margie!! :) :)" __ Lisa D. Hollywood, FL

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  • I'm, Guylaine Cote, from Quebec , Canada. I have been living in the beautiful south Florida for some years now. Traditional Medicine is not an option for me so Margie help me keep my body in a perfect Health. I really appreciate Margie for the wonderful work/ energy she shares with me, I treasure my friend ship with her. Your The Best " Love You Alway"

    Guylaine Cote, Client
  • I have used the services of Margie's Massage for lymphatic drainage to help with infertility issues of endometriosis. With each session, my pH balance is raised to ideal levels and my energy increased to stimulate internal healing. Margie provides a warm, inviting, and intimate setting to allow healing to take place and help her clients feel at ease.

    Lisa Smith, Client