Plastic Surgery can heal better with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage works by opening up natural lymphatic drainage channels in the body.  After plastic surgery, swelling can block these channel preventing appropriate drainage. Lymphatic massage can speed up the drainage and decrease the swelling present.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Facelift: This “light touch” technique promotes and accelerates healing, boosts the immune response, reduces swelling and bruising and increases patient comfort during recovery. This treatment is very relaxing and comfortable and should be scheduled within the first 2 weeks of surgery for optimal results.

Post-operative tissue edemas are a medical problem of the highest importance.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage puts into circulation the lymph flow inhibited by the edema, accelerates the reabsorbtion of the tissue edema permits the operated area to recover a better arterial, capillary and venous circulation. Thanks to a better blood irrigation transporting the oxygen and the cell building substances, the tissue healing is accelerated.

Concerning more particularly plastic surgery, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a remarkable tool to relieve and to shorten the post-operative period. By evacuating the large lymphatic vessels of the face and the neck, it contributes wonderfully to eliminate the swelling more rapidly and to normalize the area of the nose and the eyes, as well as after a face scar correction.

It is also indicated after breast surgery, after abdomen fat removal and mostly after hip cellulite surgery. In the latter case particularly, the superficial circulation is severely disturbed and the operated area stays swollen for a long time.

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