Relief Of Congested Sinuses With Manual Lymphatic Drainage

If you are one of those that experiences  a cold, allergy or other obstruction that causes swelling, on your sinuses along with this the associated lymphatic vessels can become blocked and shut down effective mucus flushing from the sinuses.  When the mucus backs up it then creates pressure, making the whole situation very uncomfortable. If this results in infection, our bodies react by increasing the flow of fluid and white blood cells into the sinuses in an effort to fight the infection, thus accelerating the problem and causing headache, watery eyes, stuffiness, sore throat and even earache if the mucus backs up into the eustachian tubes.

In our experience we have seen results after applying sinus massage with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) that has given them the relieve of many of these symptoms and stimulate the unobstructed flow of mucus through the nasal passages and away from the sinus cavities. Stimulating the acupressure points associated with the sinuses may also be beneficial and is often added to the treatment. If you suffer from allergies or chronic sinus congestion, you may want to consider sinus massage to relieve your symptoms and pain.

Contraindications: We will not apply sinus massage with (MLD) if you have an untreated sinus infection, strep throat, skin infection, tooth abscess, or any other active infection in the head or face because it can spread the infection in your own body and possibly to others.

Indications:   If you have been on antibiotics or receiving medical treatment for your condition for at least three days and the infection is getting better, it is should be safe to use sinus massage. Always consult your doctor if infection is present especially if your mucus is yellow or green. Non-infected mucus is usually clear.

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