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Healing Energy from Margie!!!

Kay G. says: Words can't describe my lymphstar pro session with Margie but I will give it a try. First she has awesome loving healing energy in her Center and she is an definitely a person who cares and has a strong passion to help others. She keeps her Center very neat and clean, too. My lymphpro star treatment was so healing, relaxing and comforting. I can't wait to try the other services at the center. Thank you Margie !

Massage wonder hands!

Lucy E. says: I can't remember the last time I had a massage, but I have never had one like this. Margie is an exceptional Massus artist. I also had the lymphatic drainage massage and it was awesome I feel better. Her knowledge is beyond words. Thank you Margie I will definitely be back and as always recommend your business.

Secret Gem

Khadija N. says:Better than I expected. She is so welcoming and knowledgeable that you feel like you need to experience all of her services, which is what I will do :-) The place is a bit hard to find but once you do, you will forget everything else. I had Lipo done and needed some lymphatic messages. She is truly gifted. Go see this place you will not regret it.

lymph system

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This modality assists lymph system


Vanessa a. says:Margie was so professional and great from the time I walked in until I left. She is more than a massage therapist, she has knowledge and expertise in all areas of holisitic massage therapy and treatment .The environment was wonderful, with music playing and also the room filled with the scent of natural aromas. She is amazing!! Write your review

Margie is Awesome! 

Sandy K. says: I have been going to Margie for a over a year now and she is the best! I started with lymphatic massage after smart-lipo and now continue with her for monthly deep tissue massage. I started my daughter on her pre-natal massages, now post-partum and she doesn't want to stop either! Margie listens to you and customizes your massage to treat your problem areas. She is the best!

Life Changing Lymphatic Massages 

Julie N. says: It was recommended to me by my thermographer, Carol Briseno (who by the way is terrific), that I get lymphatic massages as my last thermogram showed development of fibruous breasts. Margie was recommended and I was most happy upon meeting her. She is very concerned about her patients and provides the best care! I have had 6 sessions with her and I can tell you I have had definite changes in my body that I never thought would be from improper lymph drainage...1) I have had dermatitus on my face and lately my eyes as well as rashes that develop on my skin (mostly on my stomach every once in awhile). After about the 4th visit, I noticed that the itching has virtually gone from my face and I just get an occasional itch around my eyes. 2) I never had a body odor problem (under my arms) even after working out, but in the last year or 2 I noticed it was more prominent. After 2 visits with Margie I noticed that it went away. I only have to put on natural deodorant once in the morning! I was very happy with that. 3) A surprising benefit is that my cellulite around my triceps and butt and thigh area has diminished significantly. I purchased the 12 session pack and am very happy with this whole experience. After that I plan on seeing Margie once a month.

Detox biomat treatments

Fir Infrared detox

Thank you Margie! 

Maureen W. says: I have had massages with Margie for several years. I always look forward to them and she never fails me. Her concern and focus on the areas giving me pain is phenomenal. I always leave feeling so much better. Additionally Margie is very welcoming and compassionate about her work and gives her clients the best experience possible. Thank you Margie!

Wonderful experience!

Wendy F. says: Margie is great! I had the lymphatic treatment. I hadn't realized how toxic I was. She is very knowledgeable and takes her time. Very relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks for everything Margie!! :) :) 

Lisa D. says: Write your review I have been receiving excellent massages as well as great advice from Margie concerning diet and cleaner eating. The lymphatic drainage massage helped eliminate areas on my body that were swollen - I prefer this method over medications anyday!! I had never heard of this procedure before Margie and I am so glad she does this for me. I will certainly continue to have Margie give me massages and I highly recommend her to everyone!!! Thanks for everything Margie!! :) :)

lymphatic drainage massage

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage

Boosts immune system,flushes toxins out