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Geetha J. says: Everything was Great. Margie explained everything in clear details!

Lisa S. says: I have been suffering from pain in my knees and I thought I try the lymphatic drainage massage. The environment at the wellness center was comforting and the massage was very helpful. I will definitely returning for more services. I have returned for more services including the biomat and I can say the lymphatic massage with the biomat have been exceptionally helpful. Margie goes above and beyond in providing the best in care. I highly recommend the wellness center!

Shaylene H. says:This past Saturday was my first visit with Margie. I have been struggling with Lupus inflammation and tightness and feeling down and miserable about it. After one session with her doing the Lymphatic Drainage Massage, the swelling in my arm has gone down and my pain level has gone from a 8 to a 5. I can't wait till my next visit! Thank you so much Margie!

Marcy B. says: Margie has magical hands very knowledgable and professional. When in pain you get relief thank you I had an amazing massage.

Prena L. says: Quality service is imperative to me. That is one who truly care about their clients and improving their outcomes. I believe I found that in Margie. It's refreshing to know people like her still exists. I look forward to her services in the future.

Maritza C says: Excellent! Once there, you don't want to leave. Can"t wait next appoinment. Margie is an excellent professional

Julie N. says: Margie is the best! I've been getting lymphatic massages from her for a few years now and I look forward to every visit. She is a very positive, uplifting person to be around as she is administering the massage with the magic wands (as I like to call them). I always feel totally relaxed and at peace afterward. It is as good if not better than a usual massage. I highly recommend Margie.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Rejuvenating, Anti-aging


Carol Briseno:

I have been wanting to try the biomat for awhile and this week being a little bit under the weather I thought this would be a great time to experience the benefits. After laying on it for about 10 minutes I could feel the pressure in my head start to shift. I left margies feeling so much better then I walked in. I would recommend to anyone to try the biomat and i am considering purchasing one. Margies Wellness Center is a center full of knowledge and amazing services.

Debbie:I went for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I found Margie through google. I am almost 7 months pregnant and I was looking for a place that could focus on the areas I was achey like my lower back and feet. Margie is soooo SWEET and has gifted hands as mentioned here. She actually took her time to make me feel relaxed and I targeted each area. I was laid on my side and had the most comfortable pillows placed under my belly for support and between my knees for alignment. I am definitely going back to see her as soon as I can re-schedule. Her prices are very reasonable. I searched Massage Envy at first and felt that they were too commercial. Margie makes sure you are the only important person during your consultation. I loved my experience and plan on going back to her during and after my pregnancy. I didn't even want to drive back home I was in HEAVEN!! Thank you Margie. Hugs"-Ft Lauderdale, FL


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Craniosacral Therapy

Release compression, alleviate stress


Dayanna F: Words cannot express how I appreciate Marg work ethics and ambidextrous skills. I will continue to be a loyal customer for sure!


Loren R: Margie is the best I have ever found! Her expertise and knowledge are priceless!! I cannot go a week without her!!

Adriana L:When I met Margie I instantly felt her warm, caring personality and I immediately become drawn to her confidence about what she does. She has always been ready and willing to accommodate my time. I recommend her wholeheartedly. You will not regret the serene, calming and friendly experience in her 'oasis'!

lymphatic drainage massage

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage

Boosts immune system,flushes toxins out