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Thera-Body Contour Wellness Package

Thera-BodyContour Wellness

Tone Buttocks

Activate Stomach

Stimulate Digestion

reduc cellulite

Reduce Cellulite Visibility

de-stress muscle

Reduce muscle tension

Electro-Lymphatic Drainage

What can Thera-BodyContour Wellness do for me?

We have put together several treatments that we know that used in combination will give you the results of a better defined physique and improve self steem by improving your lifestyle for a greater health and reap the benefit of a possible trimmer body. We are providing services with tools that are natural and safe to use more than once a week, and giving your body a time in between to rest and prepare for the continuation of your treatments.

The results achieved with our exclusive Directional-Stroking® action combines vertical and parallel forces to produce effective and comfortable percussion, oscillating massage, deep tissue mobilization, kneading/compression, skin layer resonation, and many more physical techniques.

With the Multiple-Direction Stroking®, it mobilizes, and breaks down secretions and metabollic waste via the lymphatic system.

The combination of its back-and-forth gyratory movement with an up-and-down percussive force is very similar to the applied pressure and stroking of traditional manual massage for effleurage, petrissage and tapotement effects.

Percussion Action The percussion action is applied by the many choices of speeds and frequencies, especially at mid-range (30- 35 MHz), creates deep percussive penetration through muscle layers to provide many treatments and relief from sore and injured muscles.

Benefits of Thera- BodyContour Wellness:

  • Reduce Cellulite visibility,
  • Lymphatic Drainage and Slimming Treatments.
  • "A Swiss study found that after weight loss procedures, those that receive body contouring to remove excess skin are more likely to keep the weight off than those that don’t choose body contouring procedures."
  • Makes person feel better when experiencing with loose skin and excess weight.

  • Thera-BodyContour Wellness

    Full Body: arms, back, stomach, glutes, and legs.

    Session consists of:

  • Electro Lymphatic drainage massage
  • G5 Cellutec massage
  • Tones, firms, strengthens, reshapes the whole body.
  • Soothes tension and pain

  • * Please keep in mind that proper hydration, exercise, nutrition, and consistent sessions are necessary for a successful outcome.

    60 minutes -$100/session

    Buy 6 sessions - $510

    Buy 12 sessions - $840

    1 Hour session
    Thera-BodyContour/Cupping & G5 Cellutec

    Session consists of:

  • G5 Cellutec massage
  • Cuppping
  • Arms, Back & legs
  • What are the benefits?:

  • Tone muscles, Improves blood flow
  • Reduce cellulite visibility

  • * Please keep in mind that proper hydration, exercise, nutrition, and consistent sessions are necessary for a successful outcome.

    50 minutes - $75

    6 sessions - $360

    12 sessions - $660

    50 minutes session

    • Educating Hands School of Massage

      1. Certification

    • lymphatic drainage massage

      2. Experience

    • Lymphstar Pro

      3. Treatments

    • detoxification via lymph system

      4. Results

    Jessica B says: What a blessing it was to find this place. Margie was on schedule, the place feels so cozy and clean and I have never had a massage like this one. I went in with so much pain and stress on my back and this massage left me feeling so great and relieved. I am grateful to Margie and so glad it's near me.

    Elizabeth H says: I have been getting lypossage treatment twice a week, for the last two years since I noticed the reduction of inches, my skn tighten and full of energy. I understand that combining nutrition, hydration, aerobic exercise with lypossage had me see significant results.

    • Benefits of lymphatic drainage testimonials by clients.

    • I'm, Guylaine Cote, from Quebec , Canada. I have been living in the beautiful south Florida for some years now. Traditional Medicine is not an option for me so Margie help me keep my body in a perfect Health. I really appreciate Margie for the wonderful work/ energy she shares with me, I treasure my friend ship with her. Your The Best " Love You Alway"

      Guylaine Cote, Client
    • I have used the services of Margie's Massage for lymphatic drainage to help with infertility issues of endometriosis. With each session, my pH balance is raised to ideal levels and my energy increased to stimulate internal healing. Margie provides a warm, inviting, and intimate setting to allow healing to take place and help her clients feel at ease.

      Lisa Smith, Client

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