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Thermography Case Studies

Full body thermography

Full body Medical Thermograpy:

What are experts saying?

Breast thermography and cancer risk prediction. Thermography makes a significant contribution to the evaluation of patients suspected of having breast cancer. The obviously abnormal thermogram carries with it a high risk of cancer. ... Within five years, more than a third of the group had histologically confirmed cancers. See full article,here
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Breast Stages & Thermography
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Our functional doctor will review your Thermography report and make recommendations: Dr Carolyn S. George MD at VIDA Integrative Medicine.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer IBC is very difficult to detect by standard breast screening and often goes undetected until later stages. IBC screening alone is a valid reason every woman should have access to annual thermal screening.

According to National Cancer Institute on -Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare and very aggressive disease in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. This type of breast cancer is called “inflammatory” because the breast often looks swollen and red, or inflamed.

IBC results differently from other forms of breast cancer because it commonly does not cause a lump or mass. Using thermography has the advantage that any fluctuation on the body temperature is a sign of concern even when there's no lump to be felt by self breast examination or even mammography.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer

Because IBC is an aggressive form of cancer, the disease can progress rapidly within days, weeks, or months. Because of this, receiving an early diagnosis is extremely important. While you usually don’t develop a lump that’s characteristic of other breast cancers, you may have several of the following symptoms.

  • Breast discoloration
  • Breast pain
  • Skin dimpling
  • Change in nipple appearance
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Sudden change in breast size
  • Thermography has long been used by Neurologists, Chiropractors, PT’s, and other professional to assess the nervous system. Take a look at the images below. Please read the AMA Council for NMS Thermography

    Posture, pre and post thermal imaging. Thermography pre-post posture

    Plantar thermography is useful in the early diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy

    Here a research on diabetic neuropahty: Plantar Imaging for Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetes neuropathy thermography

    See Disclaimer: Thermography a health screening device used adjunctive with other screening devices.

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    Cindy R. says: Margie is Amazing. She is always divinely guided to places that need the most attention. She is my healing angel. I know Margie personally as well as in business and she is an authentic, warm ,loving, kind person. I love her wellness center, when you walk in you feel the love and healing energy. After the massage I always feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. As a busy Fitness, Nutrition and TV Host Professional it is imperative to keep my self in good health and to take time to honor and nurture my Body Temple. Thank you Margie, for sharing your gift with all of us! You are Awesome!

    Ana F. says: Amazing, there's no other word to describe my experience. I was afraid at first because I am still on lot of pain, still Margie could massage my body, she is soft and excellent. Extremely happy!!! 100% recommended....

    • Benefits of lymphatic drainage testimonials by clients.

    • I'm, Guylaine Cote, from Quebec , Canada. I have been living in the beautiful south Florida for some years now. Traditional Medicine is not an option for me so Margie help me keep my body in a perfect Health. I really appreciate Margie for the wonderful work/ energy she shares with me, I treasure my friend ship with her. Your The Best " Love You Alway"

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    • I have used the services of Margie's Massage for lymphatic drainage to help with infertility issues of endometriosis. With each session, my pH balance is raised to ideal levels and my energy increased to stimulate internal healing. Margie provides a warm, inviting, and intimate setting to allow healing to take place and help her clients feel at ease.

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