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What is Meditation?

  • Thoughtless awareness, state of profound, deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent.
  • Inner transformation that takes us to higher level of awareness.
  • Increased exercise tolerance
  • It's a jump beyond life, getting out of life, getting to the very center of life.
  • It's a state of silence, no past, no future, meditation is the state when you are not doing anything, just cherishing the moment.
  • It's a surrender, it's not a demand, decreases stress, depression, and anxiety.

The physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological benefits of meditation may include:

  • Reduces cravings of alcohol and cigarettes
  • Reduces stress and known as the only method for mental peace
  • Improves health
  • Quality of life
  • Improves communication and understanding with others
  • Controls fears, sorrows, anxiety, confusion, until it vanishes.
  • Helps to deal with difficulties
  • Becoming content with what you have
  • Self happiness
  • Reduce the levels of hypertension
  • Being able to sleep better
  • Start experiencing positive synchronicity in your life.
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Improve intuition
  • Promotes oxygenation
  • Reduces negative thoughts
  • Improve your patience
  • Releases anything that does not serve you

  • Who can Meditate?

  • Whoever is motivated to improve themselves and everyone that find the meaning of congregating.
  • Whoever wants to discover their power of who they really are.
  • Whoever wants to live the moment
  • Anyone can meditate, anytime, anywhere !

  • Our Practitioner

    Yolanda Signore

    Our practictioner and meditation guide, is a Psychologist and Interior Designer. Her passion manifested after the continuos meditation sessions she has been attending, and her greatest vision is to help others discover the wonders of meditation.

    "Meditation reunited with me, and I say reunited because as a little girl I had the great fortune of having a marvelous and wise father that believed in meditation.

    I recall going once a week to a meditation class, and the great help I adquired with my self esteem at such an early age. However with time and the exterior distraction of the routine I soon dropped it all. One great day I encounter one person, by coincidence and she showed me for a few minutes the wise sounds of the Light Beings known as "Singing Bowls", from that moment I was reconnected with meditation again and now the Singing Bowls. The combination of meditation along with the Singing Bowls, you experience a higher elevated connection with true Source.

    From that moment on, my vision, the setbacks, and even my personal life were transformed, is not possible for me to express with everyday words the beauty I experience so deep into my inner being.

    I no longer astray from meditation and in time my teacher gave me the opportunity to visit one of the Rehabilitation center, and there I realized that my mission was to assist others to remember that we are pure love, peace, and balanced beings with incredible inner strenght.

    Now, in this space and time , with all my heart, I wish for you, the awakening, a re-connection. WELCOME TO THIS JOURNEY."

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    Singing Bowls and Meditation

    Crystal bowls are HEALING instruments, being of Light that helps us physically, spirituality, emotionally and mentally balancing and prolonging the sense of peace, harmony.

    Some bowls are clear. Some are frosted. Bowls can be created that will play to a certain frequency. Clear bowls are lighter, more expensive and play best when held in the hand. Crystal bowl music can be programmed.